Vision, Mission, and Business Objectives

Vision, Mission, and Business Objectives

Business Objectives in 2015

The Company's business objectives for the year 2015 were determined to be as follows:

  • Continuously maintain and sustain AIT’s customer base, such as TOT, CAT, government agencies and state owned enterprises and private enterprise
  • Enlarge the customer base, while ensuring that each customer is highly satisfied with AIT’s products and services
  • Startup AIT Training Unit as part of the strategic plan
  • Further build and use the internal Key Performance Indicator (KPl) system
  • Increase business partners to enhance business stability
  • Enhance operating efficiency to accommodate an expansion of services
  • Improve human resource efficiency, and
  • Increase corporate social responsibilities (CSR)


AIT is a key player in driving the Digital Society in Thailand so that people can access information and services anywhere, anytime.


Your Success is our Success.

Key Corporate Objectives (KCO)

To ensure compliance with thepolicies andpracticesof business, the Company has set the following KCO goalsfor theorganization:

  1. To always satisfyour customersandto strive for the highest success;
  2. To maximize revenue andnet profit; and,
  3. To enhancethe competitiveness of theCompanyandto always manage the Company in accordance with good corporate governance principles.