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Respect of Human Rights and Fair Labor Treatment

The Company stresses its attention on the value and respect of human rights. The Company considers this the basic foundation of human resource development and of which strongly relates to creating value in our business. In fact, we consider our human resources as one of the key factors in increasing business value and productivity. Therefore the Company will, at all times, look to provide a good working environment and conditions for all its employees. This is in order to give a good quality of working life, and at the same time providing opportunities for our employees to demonstrate their abilities, together with training programs to further increase their skill levels. To achieve this, our Company focuses on the following practices:

  1. To encourage and support employees to respect in human rights protection. Also to regularly monitor our business to ensure no violation of any human rights.
  2. To encourage employees to a monitor and so ensure that our operations comply with the human rights regulations within the Company. Also to provide a working system that focuses on proper working and safety conditions with the regulations set by the Company.
  3. To develop employees by providing training programs and promotions in order to increase their skills and abilities.
  4. To provide fair working conditions and suitable remuneration to all employees. Advanced Information Technology Public Company Limited 123
  5. To provide correct petition procedures to any employee who considers that they were treated unfairly.
  6. To provide for the proper welfare of all employees in matters such as annual leave, overtime payment and basic nursing care, for example, as needed.
  7. To encourage employees to balance their working and personal lives; to apply sufficiency economic philosophies in their lives; to help to ‘give back’ to society; and to do good things in accordance with the dharma principles of Buddhism.
  8. To disclose necessary Company financial information to our employees in order to provide a clear understanding of our business situation.
  9. To respect our employee’s expression of opinion, including the freedom of expression without interference, accessibility to information and opinion through the Media; and the accessibility to communication channels so that they may freely listen to other interesting person’s voices and opinions.

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