Employees' Ethics

Employees' Ethics

The Company conducted business and manage the Company’s operation ethically. The Board of Directors has provided the Business Ethics manual for the Company’s directors, executives and employees to adhere as their practical guidelines on integrity, honesty, standardization, quality, moral and fairness. The Business Ethics was posted on the Company’s website (www.ait.co.th). It also covers the administration of all stakeholders, i.e. shareholders, employees, customers, competitors, business partner, lenders including societies and environment.

The Company has set a code of Ethics for Employees as follows:

  1. Abide by the laws of any and all countries in which they practice, and conform to the Company's Rules and Regulations
  2. Build trustful relationships between the Company and regulatory authorities
  3. Provide services with integrity, transparency, and professionally to ensure that customers receive the Company's services at its high standard of knowledge, expertise, and fairness
  4. Keep confidentiality of the customers, trade partners and other organizations
  5. Do not use insider information for personal benefit
  6. Do not gamble
  7. Do not have any conflicts of interest and do not attempt to benefit themselves when conducting business with a customer
  8. Refrain from accepting gifts or other kinds of benefits with high value particularly when it's off the season according to the country' customs
  9. Refrain from giving or accepting bribes or any other motivation, and do not ask others to give or accept bribes on their own behalf
  10. Refrain from violating the intellectual properties by setting the practice such as all employees has to sign paper regarding computer using abuse and not violating the intellectual properties. In addition, the Company formulates the policy regarding ICT system and audits the use of software from all employees in order to protect software which was violated or was not relate to the work.

If any employee infringes the Code of Ethics, he or she shall be penalized according to regulations. The Company es¬tablished these codes of conduct for employees to abide by strictly a nd without deviation. All employees will adhere to a code of personal integrity.

Additionally, any stakeholder is permitted to communicate with and inform the Company’s Board of Directors if they learn of any instances of occurrences including, but not limited to, illicitness, accuracy of financial statements, flaws in the internal control system or infringement against the Company’s codes of conduct.

The Company provides a contact telephone number of the Company’s Board of Directors through the corporate website at www.ait.co.th More details on the treatment of stakeholders are disclosed in the section “Good Corporate Governance” under “Clause 3. Rights and Roles of the Stakeholders’.