Company Overview and Subsidiary

Company Overview and Subsidiary

Overall Business Operations

We are called "System Integrator" who is a person or company that specializes in bringing components and subsystems together into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together and apply to each organization requirement in order to make its customers business more efficient and productive. Such bringing components and subsystems together are called solutions.

As a system integrator and ICT solution provider, we provide total solutions starting from consulting, designing, installation and implementation, Supporting & Maintain ace and Training. The mentioned process is as follows:

AIT has successfully built and maintained some of the most challenging information systems in Thailand for major industries; and it has gained considerable domain knowledge in the areas of Government and telecommunications. We are able to operate as anyone of prime contractor, consortium member, subcontractor or a discrete project manager - according to the needs of the project.

AIT offers:

  • multi-vendor skilled people with a well balanced mix of core competencies
  • a broad portfolio of internationally and regionally recognized brand products
  • key strategic partnerships and alliances
  • strong financial capabilities
  • broad experience in managing anything from very small to very large projects, and
  • a proven ability to minimize technical, operational and financial risks in complex projects

AIT partners with carefully selected strategic technology partners to provide first-in-class solutions; including Cisco Systems, Oracle / , IBM, HP, Dell, Acer, Alcatel-Lucent, Autodesk, Convergys, SAP, Microsoft, Novell, Synnex and Symantec to name just a few of our strategic partnerships.

Besides our headquarters in Bangkok, we have a further seven (7) services centers strategically located in across Thailand in Chonburi, Khonkaen, Chiang Mai, Suratthani, Phitsanulok, Songkhla and NakhonRatchasima. This ensures that we provide proper project support throughout the country.



KIRZ Co., Ltd. (or KIRZ) was founded in 1995 as a small business dealing primarily with backup power systems for the computer industry in Thailand. Their main focus was initially to supply leading-edge competitive IT products, while expanding their systems infrastructure and developing new resources.

In the ten years since their founding, KIRZ has acquired the licensing to become an internet service provider and telecommunications operator. They have developed several dynamic solutions such as Wireless Broadband Access, and developed multiple-region Internet networking.

In 2010, KIRZ opened one of the largest neutral network Data Centers in Thailand at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. The facility is state-of-the-art, and comprises industry leading technology and equipment. The KIRZ Data Center offers a range of excellent services including:Dedicated Server Hosting/Leased Line Internet/VPS and more - and housed in a secure, fully 24hrs supported, and air cooled environment.

KIRZ is a forward thinking company which is consistently researching & developing new products and services for a rapidly expanding market. One such new product is a HD IPTV fully-interactive system for large occupancy hotels which is scalable to effectively and optimally service a 1000 room hotel.

Fiber-to-Home innovation brings a range of modern telecom & multimedia services directly to the home or home office sector. High speed internet/IP Phone/Cable TV/IPTV are all in-demand services that can now be easily supplied and supported by KIRZ.

Service Live Broadcasting gives an unrivaled service to the entertainment and education industries, making it possible for viewers/audience around the world to receive feed broadcasts in HD quality - from a pop concert to a revolutionary surgical procedure.


With our 15 years in the industry KIRZ has built up an excellent relationship across their customer base. Providing multiple services including:

Internet Access

KIRZ provides several Internet services depending on the clients' individual needs. Our data communication services provide an essential link between the local and global networks. KIRZ specializes in leased line fiber optic services including VPN connections. These services provide ultimate privacy, security & speed for business users.

Data Center

KIRZ data center connects the local network with the international gateways around the world for our optic services. Co-location, dedicated server hosting & VPN services are also available in our world class data center.

Digital Media

Digital media services from KIRZ can be linked via IP protocol to supply audio/visual distribution services optimally and effectively. Bespoke systems can be designed for individual client needs. KIRZ can provide: Digital Media IPTV Live Broadcast, Web Streaming, VDO on Demand, and Digital Signage.

Cloud Applications

To help reduce the cost of hardware KIRZ can provide businesses with a range of cost effective cloud computing resources & services to suit every business requirement. These services include: Cloud Servers, Cloud Storage, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Virtual Wifi Hotspot Controlling and Mail service. Our clients find these systems very easy to manage and we can scale the services we are supplying, up or down, depending on client needs.

Voice and Conferencing

KIRZ can supply a full management system to strengthen your business opportunity through voice and conference solutions. 'Kloud Call' is a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) hosted PBX service, specifically designed to integrate perfectly with existing telephony systems. It's fully scalable from an individual user thru to large call center applications - saving huge costs, while providing crystal clear communication. Besides this , KIRZ provides its 'Kloudsimservice' that make your roaming with local presence SIM. Kloud meeting services makes the world your meeting place.

At KIRZ we believe in extending genuine customer care, service & support to all of our clients. We have professional teams of dedicated support teams that work closely with globally recognized industry specialists. Our Cisco (network industry leaders) certified engineers are fully training to deal with the toughest network solutions. KIRZ aims to provide the very best levels of support for the service we are providing. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales teams are always on hand to help with every individual business IT requirement - making sure your business gets the right service and the right application. Helping your business grow to its full potential is the ultimate goal of KIRZ.

Revenue structure of Advanced Information Technology Public Company Limited

Unit: Million Baht
  2013 2014 2015
  Baht % Baht % Baht %
1. Sales and services revenues 5,888.42 98 6,470.79 97 5,027.05 95
2. Rental and service from equipment for lease 76.49 1 76.64 1 129.21 2
3. Others 58.32 1 104.12 2 77.67 2
Total 4,187.92   6,023.23   5,271.21